Jul 15 , 2015 by HomeEscape

How to Rent During the Off-Season

If your rental is in a temperate climate, inevitably you will experience winter. This is great news if you happen to be close to a ski resort, however, if not, there are other ways to rent your property if it is located outside a popular winter destination.

With the popularity of online ... read more

Jul 20 , 2015 by HomeEscape

How to Advertise Your Vacation Home for Free?

How to advertise your vacation rental property for free? Although daunting, it can be a fairly simple process if you know what to look for. Listing your property is easy, anyone can list their apartment, house, condo, villa, farm or ... read more

Aug 14 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Is Your Vacation Home Tax Deductible?

A vacation rental can offer homeowners a break from taxes. Basically, if your rental has sleeping, cooking, or bathing facilities, then you qualify for tax deductions.

If you bought your home primarily for personal enjoyment, you can typically deduct your mortgage interest and real esta ... read more

Aug 21 , 2015 by HomeEscape

First Impression Guide for Vacation Rentals

Creating a great first impression is vital to the success of your vacation rental. With more and more rental homes hitting the market daily, it is imperative to stand out from the herd. Imagine your guests being so mesmerized by the text you’ve used and the pictures you paint of the experie ... read more

Oct 2 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Check Out Our New Features

HomeEscape has been busy – not only have we been expanding with a greater selection of vacation homes, we have been adding new features to our website.

HomeEscape’s new calendar will ensure a seamless booking experience for users – one a reservation is made, the calend ... read more

Nov 9 , 2015 by HomeEscape

How to Create an Eye-Catching Vacation Rental Listing

The average traveler will visit between 3-5 vacation rental websites, and inquire on about 7 different properties. To make that list shorter: Get their attention!

This doesn’t mean manipulate their attention with fuzzy bunny pictures or cute kittens. Also, don’t use excessiv ... read more

Jan 29 , 2016 by HomeEscape

US Travel Trends

HomeEscape differs from common vacation rental sites in one fundamental way: it’s FREE.

Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.5 billion a day, $105.8 million an hour, $1.8 million a minute and $29,398 a second. This is a huge market, with ... read more

Feb 19 , 2016 by HomeEscape

Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Millennials

There are 75 million millennials in the United States. In a post-recession world, many of these millennials are enjoying increased spending and higher employment numbers. Over half of this generation is married with children – and they’re ready to spend on travel. When it comes to vac ... read more

Mar 25 , 2016 by HomeEscape

The Ultimate Travel Checklist

Whether this is your trip or your hundredth trip, it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you may want to pack so you have a travel checklist.

Step 1: Collect Important Travel Documents, Cash, and Credit Cards

Start by collecting all of you ... read more

Apr 28 , 2016 by HomeEscape

4 Ways to Make More Money from Your Vacation Rental

Renting out your property is a great way to make a significant return on your investment. Here are the most important factors to successful rent out your vacation home while maximizing revenue.

Most travelers research and find their vacation rental online. According to a TripAdvisor sur ... read more

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