Check Out Our New Features

Oct 2 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Check Out Our New Features

HomeEscape has been busy – not only have we been expanding with a greater selection of vacation homes, we have been adding new features to our website.

HomeEscape’s new calendar will ensure a seamless booking experience for users – one a reservation is made, the calendar will reflect the booking period. There is even a feature that allows you to make half-day bookings.

All of our search features now include more filters when creating a specific property search. This will ensure faster, more accurate search results.

Other projects include an improved mobile interface. HomeEscape will be able to format to any smartphone screen with enhanced functionality. We also have the “Bulk Property Upload” feature for owners with over 100 rental properties. Simply open a support ticket and request an upload of 100 or more properties, and we will email you instructions.

Additionally, new administrative functions allows owners to add photo descriptions as well as an improved email experience. Our new layout for property listings and profiles makes organization easier as well as more intuitive when browsing for rentals. 

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