Why is anyone still renting at high-priced hotel these days and paying outrageous rates, when luxury homes can be rented out for half the costs? Affordability aside, vacationing in a luxury home provides additional benefits such as complete privacy, kitchens fully equipped, cable TV, Internet access, personal pools, and so much more. These options allow families or groups to spend their vacations as vacations are meant to be spent!

LuxuryEscape, the brain child of the free vacation rental listing website HomeEscape, aims to help make your dream vacation a reality. LuxuryEscape is redefining accommodations for people who want to travel in style and comfort on a world-wide level.

Not every property submitted to LuxuryEscape is accepted, as we put every potential listing through a thorough screening process. What that means for renters is that only quality, high end properties are considered to be a part of LuxuryEscape’s list of properties.

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