First Impression Guide for Vacation Rentals

Aug 21 , 2015 by HomeEscape

First Impression Guide for Vacation Rentals

Creating a great first impression is vital to the success of your vacation rental. With more and more rental homes hitting the market daily, it is imperative to stand out from the herd. Imagine your guests being so mesmerized by the text you’ve used and the pictures you paint of the experience they will have, they fall in love with your place immediately?

Creating rapport with future visitors, and establishing your personal brand will make your place irresistible. Here are 9 ways to make a splash:

Curb Appeal: Guests will make an assessment long before they enter the property. It is important to make a great impression, so make sure your property is tidy and presentable. Although you cannot control neighboring properties, by making the exterior as clean and new and possible, guests will feel good about selecting your property.

Sign: If your property has a name, make sure that it is displayed clearly, and made professionally. This not only adds to the curb appeal, it helps guests identify the property.

Front Door and Welcome Mat: Make sure your front door is freshly painted and very clean. Replace old and worn matting with a fresh Welcome mat for each season. Place a pot of seasonal flowers or a shrub at either side of the door – it can make a huge difference.

Gift Basket: A gift basket adds a personal touch to guests experience making them feel welcomed and valued. Be it a bottle of wine from a local vineyard or a fresh baked loaf from the corner bakery, a special welcome pack makes guest feel appreciated.

Interior Smell: The property will sell better if it smells nice. Try using natural fragrances that mimic the smell of popular aromas: coffee, vanilla, lavender, or fresh baked goods.

Supply a Property Manual: Create a how-to guide for getting the most out of your property. Avoid negative language and keep the focus on efficiency and easy rules.

Well-stocked: Successful vacation rentals have at least basic, if not comprehensive provisioning. Soaps and linens are typically the baseline expectation, but owners that go above and beyond this standard tend to enjoy more repeat business.

Personal Welcome: Leaving a welcome note is a great way to introduce guests to your property and make them feel at ease for the duration of their stay. Some owners opt for a welcome call. Whatever you do, make it brief. Guest will get back to you if they have any additional questions.

Pet Policy: If you accept pets, make sure to provide a warm welcome to their furry friends, not just indifference. Writing a “personal” note to the pet, along with a gift bag with dog treats and temporary tags will makes guests happier.


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