Our management team brings many years of experience from the vacation rental industries. Our core commitment is to give both exceptional service to our users, and to provide an affordable alternative to the expensive listing sites. Being an internationally oriented vacation rental team, our goal is to help our guests realize the best possible vacation rental experience.

HomeEscape Avi Vaknin

Avi Vaknin

Founder & CEO

Avi is the CEO and Founder of HomeEscape. Avi was born in Jerusalem on 1978 and has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over 20 years ...

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HomeEscape Osniel Cainzos

Osniel Cainzos

Development Team Leader

Osniel is HomeEscape’s Development Team Leader. Osniel is a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer. He has successfully developed every ...

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HomeEscape Liam Beliveau

Liam Beliveau

Director of Content

Liam is the Content Director for HomeEscape. Liam grew up in Maine and has traveled all over the world. His background includes Psychology and Creative Writing ...

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