How to Rent During the Off-Season

Jul 15 , 2015 by HomeEscape

How to Rent During the Off-Season

If your rental is in a temperate climate, inevitably you will experience winter. This is great news if you happen to be close to a ski resort, however, if not, there are other ways to rent your property if it is located outside a popular winter destination.

With the popularity of online rentals, it is becoming easier than ever to rent during the off-season. In particular, there are several popular ways to augment off-season rentals.

Some common strategies used to encourage off-season bookings are as follows:

Institute Nightly Rates. Whereas peak season demands week-long stays, the off-season can be much more flexible. Try offering nightly rates to capture travelers looking to book a long weekend.

Introduce Special Offers. Off-season deals, such as “Stay three nights, get one free” and senior citizen and military discounts, attract travelers who have the flexibility to travel whenever.” Entice past guests with special incentives such as a welcome amenity or a gift-certificate to a local restaurant.

“Winterize.” Advertise local attractions – such as a ski resort, mountain hikes, or better yet a cozy photograph of your fireplace. If your rental lacks winter appeal, consider adding a hot tub.

Accept pets. According to recent statistics, more than 29 million Americans brought their pets on trips further than 50 miles away, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. People with their “other children,” (their pets) are a huge market and an important one not to miss out on.


Other ways to keep bookings consistent is by maintaining contact with your past renters via email throughout the fall and winter. By emailing them helpful content throughout the year, they will be more likely to book again with your rental. For homeowners with multiple properties, it may be good idea to use marketing automation tactics to achieve this.

Using these best practices will help rent your home in the otherwise slow ‘off-season’. Nurturing their experience with your rental can improve the likelihood of early bookings, allowing you to focus on your other marketing needs.

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