How to Create an Eye-Catching Vacation Rental Listing

Nov 9 , 2015 by HomeEscape

How to Create an Eye-Catching Vacation Rental Listing

The average traveler will visit between 3-5 vacation rental websites, and inquire on about 7 different properties. To make that list shorter: Get their attention!

This doesn’t mean manipulate their attention with fuzzy bunny pictures or cute kittens. Also, don’t use excessive exclamation points or all caps – that is regarded as tacky and unprofessional. You need to create a catchy headline that speaks directly to your traveler.

It is also important to be clear. Only write, “beachfront property” if your property is indeed beachfront. If there is a road, shopping mall, or neighborhood between your rental and the beach, then it is not truly beachfront.

All of the items that appear in the search results are pulled from your listing, so make sure to keep these in mind when you create your listing:

  • A small photo of the property
  • The headline
  • Basic details
  • The number of reviews received
  • A brief summary of your rental.


How do you write a headline people will click on? Here are five ways to have your vacation home stand out from the pack:

  • Highlight special amenities of your property
  • Convey and unique or interesting aspects of your home
  • Define the type of property it is: villa, penthouse, cabin, etc.
  • Describe what type of travelers it’s best suited for, i.e., family-friendly or pet-friendly
  • Specify proximity to area attractions like ski slopes, beaches, etc.

Descriptions and Overview

Good photos are important, however, you will need an equally compelling description that accomplishes the following:

  • Emphasizes a unique quality of your rental
  • Is descriptive and enticing to the reader
  • Is within 300 – 500 words (or more).
  • Is easy to read (and skim).

Use this introduction to draw people to your property and showcase elements that may not have been evident from the pictures. Talk up your surrounding neighborhood, or the beautiful view from the master bedroom.


The more photos you have, the better; listings with 25 or more photos get the most bookings. They also need to be hi-resolution photos. Since photos comprise such an important facet of vacation rental marketing, you may consider hiring a professional photographer. When selecting a main photo, follow these tips:

·         Choose a photo that is wide rather than tall. Images used with search results tend to favor wide (horizontal) photos.

·         Choose a photo that has good contrast, like a photo of your house against a clear blue sky or a well-lit interior photo. A photo that’s more subtle — a cottage tucked away among the trees, for example — may be too small to recognize.

·         Choose a photo that doesn’t have a lot of detail. Like contrast, a photo that has a lot going on — your incredible games room, for example, or the cobblestone street your apartment opens onto — will likely be too small to appreciate.

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