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For Travelers:

How do I prevent fraud when booking a trip? We screen home owners as they list their properties, but it is recommended that you do some research and speak to the home owner or property manager prior to payment.

How do I book a rental? Once you have found property you are interested in, simply select "Book Now" and follow the prompts.

How can I pay? It is up to the property owner or manager to define their preferred method of payment. It is not recommended to send cash, money orders, wires, or personal checks.

Does HomeEscape charge a service fee? No. HomeEscape is a commission-free site, we do not charge booking or listing fees.

What if I need to cancel a trip? Each property owner has their own cancellation policies. Check with the listing owner when you book for any policies you should be aware of, including cancellation.

For Property Owners:

Is it really free to list my property with Home Escape? Yes, there are no hidden costs so you are able to list your property risk free.

How can I manage my listing? Listings are managed through your individual account. Once you are logged in, you are able to add, edit or deactivate a listing.

Is there a separate login for home owners? No, this way you are able to list a property and book a trip both from the same place.

Does HomeEscape keep the traveler’s information hidden? No, HomeEscape is fully transparent; all contact details of the travelers and their ‘requests to book,’ are displayed in the owner back-end.

How can I get my property listed in the featured section? Please contact our team to go over the options.

How many images does my property need in order to be verified? Properties require a minimum of 8 images to be uploaded in order to be verified. They need to show mostly the interior of the property and need to be high quality.

Why did my property not appear in the search results? Make sure to specify the ‘advertising region’ when listing your property. That way, your property will be listed at both your physical address and your greater area.

How long will it take to approve my property? Approximately 3 days. One of our support agents need to verify the property before it can become active.

How do I import my calendar? Click the ‘Import Calendar’ tab and input the URL that is generated from the site of which calendar you want to import.

How do I issue a refund to a customer? Secure payment arrangements should be decided with the traveler. HomeEscape recommends using trusted payment portals to manage payments and refunds.

Why does my nightly rate change? If you have seasonal rates, then the nightly rate will change based on the current date.

What is the “LuxuryEscape” section? LuxuryEscape is the premium listing section of HomeEscape. Our criteria for luxury properties are nightly rates above $600.00, as well as general deluxe accommodations and amenities. LuxuryEscape properties will also display in the regular bookings.

Does HomeEscape have a mobile app? Not yet, but we are working on it, and we will have one soon.

How come my property is displaying a more expensive seasonal rate instead of the standard rate? The HomeEscape database references the current nightly rate of the period when calculating a property rate.

How do I identify fraudulent inquiries? Although fraud is extremely rare on our site, it is important to be aware of the risks:

‘Phishing’ is the practice of sending emails that appear to be from a valid source in an attempt to obtain sensitive information (e.g., logins/passwords, banking information) for fraudulent intentions. An email may be suspicious if:

• The email was sent to your private email account, and not your vacation rental account.
• It has incorrect grammar, poor or inaccurate spelling, or the overly formal use of English (although you may in fact receive inquiries from users whose first language is not English).
• The sender requests an immediate rental and/or payment, or wants to use a bank transfer or wire transfer.
• The email was sent to your private email account, and not your vacation rental account.

OK, did I just receive a fraudulent booking inquiry? First, check the email address of the inquiry. We’ll only contact from email addresses that end in:

I clicked on the link in the email that this traveler sent me. It’s asking me to login – what should I do? Look carefully at the website address; we do not misspell or add words to our website address. We will only ask you to log in to your HomeEscape account from this address:

Bulk Property Upload: Bulk Upload is for 100+ properties. Simply open a support ticket and request an upload of 100 or more properties, and we will email you instructions.

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