How Does HomeEscape Work?

We take pride in the fact that HomeEscape does not collect any processing fees from either owners or travelers.
HomeEscape was created from the idea of having an affordable peer-to-peer online vacation rental community. We believe that our main source of revenue should be from paid search results advertisers, without skimping on design, functionality, or usability. This is why we are committed to being a free to book community.

Here are a few benefits of using HomeEscape:

  • Do we screen communication between travelers and owners? - No. We do not believe in that business model nor do we encourage it. Whenever you receive any communication you will be able to see the guest phone number, email address and even reply to them directly from your phone.
  • The HomeEscape Online Payment Solution - Our online payment solution is an option for our owners. We do not penalize our owners nor do we lower their ranking on the search results if they choose not to enable it. Statistics show that 85% of travelers prefer to pay through a secured site, and not through the owners directly due to the risks within this industry. Therefore, we have created an amazing way to gain your trust by not charging any processing fees upon booking. We are proud to say that HomeEscape is creating a revolution in the vacation rental industry.
  • Instant Booking - HomeEscape has a unique way of creating a reservation request. We do not believe in “Instant Booking”. First, travelers search our site database for properties in their desired location. When they find their preferred location, travelers will enter their dates right below the owner’s information and will select “Free Quote”. That will send a reservation quote to the traveler and send an email to the owner. The next step is for the owner to log in and review the quote and either accept it or edit the quote and send it back to the traveler to review.  
  • Subscription Fee - HomeEscape is currently running a limited time promotion for new owners. Instead of our regular rate of $350 annually, we have brought it down to $199 per property. Click here for more information regarding our subscription fee.
  • Free Listings - We currently offer basic free listings with access to our reservation management system and tools to upload your vacation rentals to HomeEscape. The free listing plan does not include access to our payment processing, which can be enabled by paying the annual subscription fee detailed above.

We have spent a significant amount of time on research and development on HomeEscape; we wanted to create the platform that would serve the vacation community well.  However, we have to sustain the expensive cost of the site and we are not ashamed of it. We have a few paid modules, like the optional Early Payment Plan (“EPP”), that helps us maintain site costs as we build our marketing campaigns. Additionally, we take owner feedback very seriously – we implement suggestions as quickly as we can to improve the user experience. We hope to continue to grow and eventually become the most affordable vacation rental site on the internet.

So, do not waste time – click here to open an account, and start listing your properties today!

HomeEscapeā„¢ is poised for rapid expansion. We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming months, so check back often,
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