Why Frequent Travelers Are More Interested In Vacation Rentals Than In Hotels?

May 17 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Why Frequent Travelers Are More Interested In Vacation Rentals Than In Hotels?

The popularity of home escape vacation rentals is rising with frequent travelers. If you are planning an extended stay then a vacation rental is the best choice. Vacation rentals spoil you with options. You can choose either an apartment or a house. They are easily available whether you are on a quiet beach holiday or exploring a crowded city. With the online presence of beach rental companies, it is fairly easy to look for a vacation rental in your favorite vacation spot. Vacation rental industry is booming because of its popularity. Let’s see why frequent travelers are more interested in vacation rentals than in hotels:

More Space

Vacation rentals provide you a lot of space. Whether you are booking an apartment or a house, you will get a bedroom, bathroom, living room, balcony, etc. It is especially beneficial if you are traveling with kids as they love running around. If you are someone who doesn’t like confined spaces of hotel rooms then vacation rentals are your saviors. You can choose the vacation rental according to your budget, there are vacation rentals which offer you services like private pool, backyard, etc.


There is no doubt that vacation rentals offer privacy. You can lounge in your living room and enjoy the company of your family members. There will be no one to disturb you. In hotel rooms, you have to deal with annoying neighbors which can ruin your vacation.

Low Cost

Vacation rentals cost one-third of a hotel room. You get more space at a lesser price; it’s a win-win situation for a traveler. There are no parking fees and you have unlimited access to free Wi-Fi services.

24*7 Check-In

You don’t get the luxury of anytime check-in in a hotel. But in a vacation rental, you can check-in 24*7. You don’t have to wait to get access to your vacation rental.


You get ample amenities in a vacation rental. You get your own kitchen and amenities like oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, etc. You can cook your own food the way you like.

Vacation rental also provides a washer and dryer; this way you can save money on laundry and can pack your suitcase light.

Live Like Locals

When you rent a vacation rental for a while you learn about the culture of locals. Vacation rentals give you the ease to live like locals in a new area.


Vacation rental properties save you money and provide you with various amenities. It is best to rent a vacation rental as you get privacy, more space, and hassle-free experience.


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