Top 10 Tips to Market your HomeEscape Listing in 2021

Aug 13 , 2021 by HomeEscape

Top 10 Tips to Market your HomeEscape Listing in 2021

As a vacation rental homeowner, you are probably already using every method possible to market your property, including having a listing on HomeEscape. With increasing competition in the vacation rental landscape, it is now more important than ever to differentiate your listing from others. More competition = more opportunity for rentals.

Tip #1:

Create a Compelling and Clickable Title.


Creating a compelling title is half the battle. If you can entice visitors to click, then getting them to book is much easier. Your property photo and title description must stand out to get attention.

Tip #2: Have an AWESOME description.

Creating an enticing description convinces visitors that your home is better than other rentals. Include amenities and attractions within your area. 

Tip #3: Have a Photo that POPS.

Photography is what people see first in the search results, which is why having a great photo will draw attention.

Tip #4: Provide accurate information about linens.

Make sure that the existing bedding of the rental is listed in detail. Many visitors will call to verify these details. Vacation rental blogger Alanna Schroeder Millar suggests having linen backup, “While in Kauai, [at our vacation home] I replaced my current linens with three brand-new sets for each bed. One to use, one that can be laundered off-site, and one for insurance, in case something goes missing. It’s best to buy identical sets, so each piece can be easily interchanged. Your guests (and your cleaning crew) will appreciate it.”

Tip #5: Don’t fib on your property description

Creating a fictitious account of what amenities your property has is setting you up for failure. Don’t create unrealistic expectations – you will only get poor reviews and unhappy renters. Make sure to double-check every statement you make about your property.

Tip #6: Detail Property Rates

There can be confusion surrounding rates, especially if there is a holiday or if the rental season is in transition. Make sure you clearly specify nightly rates, as well as any bulk pricing: Nightly, Weekly, and Monthly rates. Also, clearly define your minimum nightly stay.

Tip #7: Clarify your booking and cancellation policies

Having definitive rules around payment and cancellation makes it easier to track your rental business and weed out more casual inquiries.

Tip #8: Make sure your calendar updates after each reservation

Updating your calendar consistently is imperative for lead generation and your reputation online. Luckily, HomeEscape’s calendar updates when an owner confirms a booking. Just make sure you confirm a booking!

Tip #9: Invest in Professional Video and Photography

A picture is worth 1000 words, right? Well, especially if that photo takes into account: lighting, angles, medium, and other perspectives that only a professional would know. HomeEscape permits 24 photos, so make sure your property is showcased!

Tip #10: Get Reviews

Want to stand out from the pack? Social validation is one of the most effective marketing strategies across all businesses. 

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