Want to enjoy that Caribbean experience? The US Virgin Islands has got something for you

Feb 13 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Want to enjoy that Caribbean experience? The US Virgin Islands has got something for you

The US Virgin islands is one of the top destinations to visit in the Caribbean- the white sand beaches, the crystal-clear waters and the beautiful flora around makes your holiday the most splendid and exciting one. In the morning you can bask under the sun, visit a church in the afternoon and have romantic and exquisite dinner in the evening.

Besides various top-notch attractions, the place offers a variety of activities and events that keeps on entertaining the guests and the locales all the year round.

You can also rent a home vacation rental that are situated at the beach front and offers you extra luxury and comfort along with providing various modern facilities.

The world-class places to visit here

The Virgin Islands National park is a great attraction to visit, millions of people visit here to enjoy the benevolence of this park. The park includes hiking trails, underwater sea gardens, stunning beaches and many more. It’s a great place for the nature lovers as they can explore the ecological diversity of the park whole day.

The Trunk Bay Beach is another fascinating place to visit- the creamy sand and the sky-blue water offers a great panorama for the couples looking for a stunning beach view.

The Buck Island Reef is the most loved and visited site that is surrounded with sea gardens. It is an underwater national monument that features coral grottoes and it is considered as the best site for diving as well. This place is also good for picnic trips and you can also enjoy hiking trail through dense green forests.

The other beautiful places include coral world Ocean Park, Cruz Bay, Heritage trail, Magens Bay, and many more. Spare some extra time for the delicacies and drinks in some of the famous restaurants and hotels present there.

Plan an exceptional stay with your partner this year

Apart from the lovely attractions and places, staying in a beautiful place with your partner is such romantic way to enjoy your holiday. The US Virgin Islands Vacation rentals have exclusive set of villas and luxurious vacation rentals that offers various facilities to make your stay unique and enjoyable. If you want that peace and comfort and does not want to stay in costly hotels, resorting to vacation rentals is the best idea ever. These homes are situated on the oceanfront and offers a lot of romantic and scenic views to the couples longing to spend their alone time.

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