10 Important Vacation Rental Trends of 2017

Jun 20 , 2017 by HomeEscape

10 Important Vacation Rental Trends of 2017

The rising popularity of vacation home rentals over hotels is not unknown to anyone within the tourism sector. Over the years, holiday homes have conquered the lodging industry, and vacation rentals are only just getting started. Here are some of the most important vacation rental trends to watch out for:

1. Traveler Interest in Vacation Rentals to Grow Exponentially

Surveys on popular travel sites have shown that an increased number of people intend to spend their vacation in 2017 in a rental home instead of a hotel. The privacy, cost savings, and ease associated with living in a residential property account for the growing demand.

2. Service will Reign Supreme Alongside Cost Reasonability

In the past decades, staying in vacation homes was the realm of those who were seeking cost savings in lodging. Although people continue to prefer vacation rentals for the savings, more people are looking for increased service when they are choosing their holiday rental.

3. “Vacation Rental Manager” Will Become a Necessity

As the focus on good service for holiday rental guests rises, so does the demand for skilled vacation rental managers. Besides the need for excellent hospitality, owners will need accomplished and reliable vacation rental managers to work with the multiple booking channels available as well as the other marketing activities required to make their rental a success.

4. Exciting Outdoor Activities and Great Views Will Increase Interest

As vacation rentals become more than just about economizing, the demand for homes with nice landscaping, outdoor activities, and scenic views will rise dramatically.

5. Enhanced Communication Will Increase Bookings

Owners that connect personally with guests, be it through email, phone, or text, will benefit from increased bookings from guests. Guests appreciate personalized touches, and the sooner owners develop a relationship with their guests, the greater their return business will be.

6. Online Travel Agencies (“OTA”) Will Add to Marketing Efforts

Third party acquisition channels can be beneficial to your marketing if you choose the right one. HomeEscape, for example, does not charge booking or processing fees, making it an ideal channel to increase revenue without additional costs for your business.

7. Longer Stays Are Increasing

As travel becomes more than just tourism where people are only interested in visiting mainstream attractions and checking them off their list, longer stays in one area will become more common. Longer stays overwhelmingly favor vacation rentals to hotels, so vacation rental owners will benefit the most.

8. “Peak Travel Season” Will Transform into Plateau Season

Popular travel destinations are quickly becoming year-round destinations. With the broadening appeal of vacation rentals, owners now enjoy consistent bookings throughout the year, a phenomenon that has been gaining steam recently.

9. Staying in for Meals

Guests don’t just choose vacation rentals for the increase in space, they want their own kitchens, too. Cooking meals during a vacation dramatically reduces the food budget, allowing families to spend more time on other activities, or just increase their vacation time altogether.

10. Reviews Are King

Although this may be obvious to some, great reviews are the cornerstone of repeat bookings. Give your guests a five-star experience, and they are sure to return and keep your profits high.

Vacation home rentals are more popular than ever, and now is a great time to invest in this industry. Travelers are willing to spend more on a premium experience, so improve your property listings and reap the rewards! 

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