4 Tips for Planning an Affordable Road Trip

Oct 31 , 2017 by HomeEscape

4 Tips for Planning an Affordable Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to visit several different places on a vacation. Use these tips for planning an affordable road trip that won’t break the bank.

Choose affordable activities.

Find activities that don’t drain your budget – most destinations have local diversions you can enjoy for free or at little cost.

City and regional parks offer free concerts, summer theater, hiking and biking trails, and kid-friendly spaces such as splash pads. Be sure to check your destination’s online visitor guide for free activities around town.

Lower your transportation costs.

Thanks to traveler-friendly apps like GasBuddy and Google Maps, it’s possible to cut the cost of driving substantially. GasBuddy will alert you to the lowest gas prices available based on your GPS location, while the “Avoid Tolls” route option on apps like Google Maps helps you find the cheapest route.

Skip the hotel.

If you’ve never tried renting a vacation home, you’re missing a whole world of affordable comfort. A stay in a vacation home rental can save you 70% or more on a traditional hotel. Plus, you’ll be getting much-needed privacy and space after being cramped in a car for hours. Look for online vacation rental listings direct from homeowners, allowing you to choose the location and price range that works for you.

Dine for less.

Eating out three meals a day can be pricey, but it’s easier than you think Since most vacation rentals include a kitchen, shop local for fresh ingredients for at least some of your meals. HomeEscape’s vacation rentals feature every-sized kitchen for whatever your family may need. Skip room service and have your very own kitchen when you stay at a vacation rental. 

Where to Stop

Need some ideas for where to stop during your road trip? Check out these popular vacation destinations in the US:

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