Things to know before booking a vacation rental

Apr 5 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Things to know before booking a vacation rental

Home vacation rentals are becoming quite popular these days; over 60 percent of people are opting for home rentals than hotels. Home vacation rentals give you a home-like feeling when you are away on a vacation. They are cheaper than hotels, they provide you privacy and you get a lot of space for the price you pay. If you are traveling with family or a large group, they save you money over hotel rooms and you get facilities like kitchen, backyard, garage, etc.

There are certain things that you might not know about the home vacation rentals, these are:

Unique lodgings

Do you know you can book exotic as well as unique lodgings? What if I tell you that windmills, Igloos, lighthouses are bookable? Isn’t it thrilling? Spending some days in these unique rentals would be a lifetime experience which you will always remember. If you are someone who doesn’t like regular places, then you must check out these exotic places that you can rent out through home vacation rental.


Do you know you get various amenities in a vacation rental? You get fully furnished space, fully equipped kitchen, backyard, and a garage. You get the same facilities you get at a hotel but at much less price. Depending on the location and price you will get a pool, gym and many other facilities.

Using filters can hide favorable listings

Applying filters sometimes hide affordable and desirable listings. Try to search without any filters and you will have a large number of options to choose from.

Contact the owner for Questions

Rather than anticipating, you should ask the owner directly if you have any questions. If you are traveling with children or pets, you should ask first if their accommodation is kid and pet-friendly. When you are travelling with old parents, it is wise to ask; if there are any steps to reach to the bathroom or front door has any steps. Asking these questions make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.


It is important to check for the reviews while looking for vacation rentals home. Pictures don’t tell the real story, but reviews do. From the reviews, you will get to know if it is worth it to rent that particular property or not. The description might say fully air-conditioned home, spacious rooms but it is from the reviews alone you get to know certain amenities are actually provided or not.


It is quite affordable and convenient to rent a vacation rental. Keeping said things in mind you will get a comfortable stay at a home vacation rental.