Top 7 Destinations for Solo Travel

Jul 13 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Top 7 Destinations for Solo Travel

Do thoughts of long walks on the beach and romantic sunsets inspire you? How about after a long couples massage at a Balinese resort? Get with the times, people! Bali is an excellent place to travel solo – so get ready for some self-discovery. 

Solo traveling is also safe at a variety of other destinations, such as: Iceland, Paris, and New Zealand. Traveling alone is trendy, and gives people to explore a place and themselves, on their own terms. With community groups, meet-ups, and a vast wealth of online resources available for travel decisions, it is easier than ever to go solo. 

Still undecided? We’ve compiled a list to make your decision easier:

1.    Queenstown, New Zealand.

The adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown offers everything an adrenaline junkie might love, from bungee jumping and paragliding, to world-class restaurants, nightlife, and horseback riding. You could be exasperated from trying to fit in – which is why many choose to be flexible with their travel plans.

2.    Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is the heart of Irish warmth – and a great pint of Guinness. Take a stroll through cobblestone streets and relax in the world-famous Irish hospitality. Don’t worry, they are used to tourists. Check out the Book of Kells at Trinity College, or kiss the blarney stone for the gift of eloquence – you could use it in a city dubbed by UNESCO as a center of literature. 

3.    Tokyo, Japan

You’ll need 3-4 days in Tokyo, if for nothing else, just to eat. This seafood capital is the yardstick by which all other tempura is measured, and by extension, ramen and sushi. Aside from eating your full; take a stroll in the Japanese Imperial Gardens, or try squeezing into a train during rush hour – it might give you a newfound appreciation of your daily commute. 

4.    Paris, France

Need I say more? This international city features everything a girl (or guy) could love. Take a scenic boat-ride on the Seine or take a tour of Notre Dame. From fashion to food, Parisians can give you a taste of the good life – even if you’re traveling alone. 

5.    Alaska

Visiting this remote post of the United States can give you a break from the pace of modern life. With almost a full day (and night) of sunlight, Alaska is a nature-lovers paradise. Come and explore glistening salmon filled streams, unspoiled nature, and furry bears.

6.    Masai Mara, Kenya

Speaking of nature – if taking a safari is your cup of tea, then get in your Jeep Wrangler and explore the grasslands of this nature reserve. Independent travelers quickly meet others on tour groups, so watching wildebeests will prove an enjoyable time. Also – hotels omit the single occupancy charge during the low season.

7.    Santiago, Chile

Travelers rave about this South American capital. Santiago is sophisticated, but still manages to be authentic to its roots, giving it a charming post-modern feel. Check out Bellavista, the cities fashionable bar and gallery district.  

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