The best approach to follow while booking a vacation rental

Apr 11 , 2019 by HomeEscape

The best approach to follow while booking a vacation rental

Choosing one vacation rental out of many is not an easy task. There are so many options available but it is daunting to select the one which will make your vacation a memorable one. Homeescapes is giving some tips to help you book vacation rentals which will make your stay an enjoyable one.

Compare the photos with description

Many times the description is impressive, but in reality, you do not get what you hoped for. To avoid this from happening it is advisable to go through the photos of the listings. You will get a picture of what you will be getting for the price you are paying.

Check for Reviews

Reviews give you a detailed picture! No matter how good the photographs are, no matter how much the owner is bragging about the amenities, it is from the reviews only that you will be able to find out the truth. Before booking your home vacation rental always check for as many reviews as you can, then you can decide if that particular listing is according to your taste or not.

Research on the potential neighborhood

It is important to do your homework well in advance before booking a vacation rental. Check if the area you are booking is safe, if you find anything sketchy, move away. When we book in a hurry we tend to avoid doing major research about the neighborhood, nearby streets, but to get the most out of your vacation it is crucial to know in which part of the city you are going to end up. Sometimes your rental is really nice but near a party club, the loud music will disturb your sleep and eventually you are going to regret your stay. So, taking some time to research the area online will prove significant in making your stay a comfortable one.

Communicate with the owner before booking

If you have any concerns, you should ask the questions directly to the owner. Communicating with the owner is essential, as he is the only person who can address your major concerns. You can ask him about the cancellation policy, if you are traveling with old parents you can ask the owner if there are any steps at the entrance or to the bathroom. You can also ask him about the amenities. It is always beneficial to communicate with the owner directly to avoid any problems during your stay.


Booking from home escapes will save you from any hassles. By taking the above points into consideration you will be able to avoid any unpleasant experience.