Reasons To Opt For Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Jan 17 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Reasons To Opt For Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Vacation rentals are gaining more and more fame amidst families and independent travelers. Rental properties offer a number of benefits compared to hotel stays, such as prolonged amenities, being more spacious, and better worth for your hard-won vacation dollars.

Vacation rentals are the option for a large group and family trips, permitting for ample space and breathing room. Whether you’re thinking of holiday with friends or a romantic escape, there are some good factors why home escape vacation rentals provide more privileges and bang for your buck.

Rental Properties Serve More Space

Travelers can relish more space for less money when selecting a vacation rental. Even 5-star resort adjustments with living room suites are bound to be lesser than a vacation home. This additional elbow room comes in handy when you are a part of a large group and require some privacy or a quiet place for the kids to take a nap.

Vacation Rental Facilities

Vacation rental homes come with an abundance of private amenities you will seldom find in a hotel room. Wonder having a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal, or doing laundry as required with your own washer and dryer. Some possessions even have hot tubs, fitness centers swimming pools, and golf privileges. These added facilities serve added suitability and flexibility.

More Valuable

A rental villa or condo will almost always enhance more space and secrecy than a hotel room but at a lower price. When you step in hotel parking, fees for Internet service and dining out for all meals, vacation rentals are very cheap, particularly when you can share the lodging cost amidst family and friends. 


Rental units make it calmer and less stressful to vacation with children, mainly babies and toddlers who require a quiet place to nap. In addition to various bedrooms, some rentals feature on-site playgrounds, game rooms, high chairs, and beach toys. If your kid is short-tempered, you won’t have to worry about thin walls or disturbing your hotel neighbors.  

Right Option For Large Groups

With various bedrooms, common living areas and bathrooms home vacation rental simply offer more space, engaging towards happier experience for large groups. Why step into a block of hotel rooms when you can spread out and relish the best of both worlds in a luxury condo or rental home?

These were some of the features which you can deem upon that will guide you in taking a wise decision for your next abroad trip.