Plan a unique family fun vacation at a place hidden with beauty and culture-Sturbridge

Jan 8 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Plan a unique family fun vacation at a place hidden with beauty and culture-Sturbridge

Planning for a peculiar vacation this time? Why not make your holiday special at a place filled with art and culture? This place has got a lot of things for you to spend a spectacular vacation with your family. Discover something new rather than visiting those same beaches and islands.

The crystal clear lakes, historical sites, and beautiful mountains can make your vacations the most thrilling and exciting. Enjoy your vacation in the comforts of vacation rental homes situated in a fantastic rustic setting by the Leadmine Pond.

Explore a vast collection of incredible places

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall: This memorial celebrates the top moments of the game and you can also see your favorite stars here through an extraordinary collection of the exhibitions and videos featuring their achievements in school and professional basketball. This memorial has preserved the glorious history of basketball and includes numerous events and tournaments for the guests of all ages.

Old Sturbridge Village: Get an insight into rural England at beautiful Old Sturbridge village. Travel back to the golden years of the 1700s and 1800s that has buildings which indicate actual township. A lot of activities and events are held here that attracts families and visitors to enjoy the authentic look and feel of the village.

Worcester Museum of Art: This Museum is a house to more than 35000 artworks dating from 1898. It is a famous attraction for families and has a huge collection of paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, and many more.

Wachusett Mountain: Experience the thrilling winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding in the Wachusett Mountain. You can have an amazing time with your family at the popular ski resort situated here.

The other attractions here include DCU center, Heritage country club, Brimfield antique show, Quabbin reservoir, and many more.  

Exaggerate your enjoyment with a stay in your dream home

Stay in the beautiful Sturbridge vacation rentals located on a private lot with the rustic southern view and sandy beach. These homes are equipped with modern kitchen along with the stainless steel appliances. The living and dining room offers beautiful lakeside views. You can enjoy coffee or tea in a private deck situated at the front of the house. Each and every facility is included in it right from TV and WiFi to microwave and gas grill. Thus you can amplify your enjoyment and rejoice in the most exotic place that has got something for everyone.