Plan a romantic gateway in the natural riches of La Romana this year

Feb 11 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Plan a romantic gateway in the natural riches of La Romana this year

If you haven’t planned for your vacation yet, consider La Romana which is one of the country’s top destination place. The white-sand beaches and the cave-riddled forests offer an overwhelming experience to the visitors all year round. One of the largest sugar cane mill in America was earlier headquartered in La Romana but eventually the owners got diversified and endeavored into tourism as they built a luxury Resort Spa which is now a renowned destination for celebrities.

Visitors flock to this beautiful destination to get an experience of a luxurious beachside lifestyle that includes scuba diving, shopping, and many more exciting activities.  The fascinating homescape vacation rentals also offer a great level of luxury and comfort to the visitors who are looking for a grand and comfy stay.

You can enjoy the best activities and water sports here

Bacardi Island Cruise is a great and marvelous activity in which you can explore the beautiful mangrove forest on a boat trip and enjoy the flora and fauna in the Los Haitises park.  

It will take your day as the Cruise will move for 8 hours showing you the best places in the town. You can even enjoy the relaxing moments on Bacardi Island and can visit the private caves in the park.

You can also enjoy full-day Snorkeling under the most magnificent ecosystem, bask on the sandy beach and drink cool lemonades beneath the sun. If you want to experience paradise on the earth, you can spend your day on Saona Island where you can swim and dive in the Caribbean sea and enjoy dominican delicacies.

If you are a water sport lover, this place is best for you as you can also experience scuba diving with an ultimate underwater adventure. 

Immerse in the history and culture of La Romana

If you extol the history and culture, you can go for a private sightseeing tour of Santo Domingo where you can explore the ancient colonial zone which is a UNESCO heritage site, this private tour will guide you and educate you as you move along the beautiful places.

And the most interesting part of a vacation is shopping, so you can enjoy shopping as well in La Romana full day tour. And when it comes to staying La Romana vacation rentals offers a great level of comfort and luxury to the guests who wish to spend a romantic and delightful holiday with the comforts of a home.