Quality Time With The Bro’s

Sep 4 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Quality Time With The Bro’s

Does the cliché of a fishing trip in the mountains turn you off? Are you, perhaps not a fisherman?

Fortunately, there are many more options for a weekend getaway with the guys than fishing trips and campfires.

A great guy getaway is going to offer activities that the whole group can get on board with, and it will give you the chance to interact with your fellow guys in a (hopefully) really fun atmosphere.

HomeEscape has compiled a list of 8 different guy getaway ideas, broken up into a few different types.

These DIY getaways are ideal for guys that can improvise and have fun on their own, while keeping an eye on their budget:

1. Go to an out of-town game

Whether you just want the experience of a fame in a different city, or show your undying support for your local sports heroes, going to a game might just be the best escape for you and your buds.

2. Paintball

Nothing says “all-American contact sport which insinuates contemporary crowd control methods” more than paintball. Everyone gets a “gun”, you get to build competing teams, and you can track down your enemies.

3. Golf

Whether you prefer nine holes or eighteen, golf is a great pastime. If golf isn’t really your thing, than the wonders of mini-golf and ice cream can be a great substitute.

4. Ski Trip

Whether you enjoy backcountry skiing or luxury digs in the Rockies, renting a ski condo can be a great way to bond, while tearing up some “Pow”.

5. Road Trip!!!

Get your Garmin Nuvi, and head west. Don’t worry, the destination will come later. Piling together in the van with some great tunes is definitely a bonding experience. Small town America awaits!

6. Fitness Boot Camp

Want to bring your workout with you on your vacation? Try out a fitness location with Sonki Fitness. Chances are high that this will be the only vacation you lose weight.

7. Rent a Villa in Italy

Villa Cappelli sleeps up to 20 people and boasts 22,000+ square feet – enough for you and your bros? Explore the Tuscan region, with wine tastings, cheese making, tours, and all the gelato you can eat.

8. The Biggest Party of Your Life!

Want to see the world’s largest Samba contest? Look no further than Carnival in Rio. Want more? Consider enrolling in a samba school and learn the dance with your buddies.

Whatever it is you choose for your guy’s getaway, the primary emphasis should be on having a great time. Wherever you decide to go, remember, HomeEscape has properties conveniently listed all over the world.

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