Game Room Ideas for Your Vacation Rental

Sep 8 , 2016 by HomeEscape

Game Room Ideas for Your Vacation Rental

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking a beach vacation, HomeEscape has many unique and entertaining vacation rentals to choose from. Just in case bad weather affects the area, or kids get bored with regular activities, then having a game room in your vacation rental is a great asset.

Having great amenities can make your property a destination in and of itself, encouraging families to stay on-site. Remember, happy kids’ equal happy families.Even if you do not have a dedicated game room in your vacation rental, keeping a few games on hand will help your property stand out. 

The game room can make or break a family vacationing with their children. When kids see a game room on a property, they’ll want their parents to book it. A game room in the home allows the family to spend more time together, especially when there are games that the entire family can enjoy together. It can cost a small fortune for a family night out, or to give teenagers money to go out with friends. A game room in the home not only allows for the family to have time doing enjoyable activities together, but it increases the opportunities to entertain while on vacation and have friends over. Game rooms also save a family money: instead of having to give money to their kids to go out with their friends, they can invite their friends over to the rental home. This way, they not only save money but they know exactly where their child is and what they are doing.

Several HomeEscape vacation home rentals are designed for family reunions. From big kitchens and large seating areas, to having multiple living rooms, game rooms, and other amenities for accommodating large amounts of people.

Successful entertainment is about having something for everyone, young and old alike. Think beyond the pin-pong table and the arcade game to include other audiences – try having Apple TV, Netflix, or Pandora easily accessible, and having surround sound doesn’t hurt either.

Here are a few ideas to keep your game room interesting:

  • Pool Table
  • Life-sized Scrabble Board
  • Gum ball machine
  • Dart board
  • Movie theatre
  • Full bar
  • Mini basketball game
  • Slide
  • Blackjack or Baccarat Table
  • Foosball Table
  • Bowling lane
  • Fireplace
  • Keyboard
  • Bounce House 
  • Retro Arcade Machine 
  • Classic Board Games (Monopoly, etc.)
  • Gaming System with video games (Xbox, etc.)
  • Virtual Reality Headset

In general, the more varied your entertainment offerings, the more attractive your rental will be.

Although you do not need every amenity to stand out, going the extra mile can convince renters that your home is just as amazing as its location. After all, renting your vacation home is about creating amazing and unique experiences for your guests.

Read more tips on how to make your vacation rental stand out here. Comment below and let us know what you keep in your vacation rental to entertain guests. 

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