Explore the rustic hilltop town-Pienza engraved in the Italian cypress trees

Feb 14 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Explore the rustic hilltop town-Pienza engraved in the Italian cypress trees

If you are still wondering where to plan your vacation this summer-go for Pienza situated in south Tuscany-it’s a benevolent Tuscan village that has pure and serene beauty which cannot be easily forgotten.

Along its horizon, you can see the beautiful cypress trees and rolling hills that are ideal for poets searching for peace and landscapes. Pienza is a perfect tourist destination so end your search here and start planning your trip to this amazing place.

And what’s more interesting in Pienza is the Tuscan cuisine, the cheese lovers would love Pecorino which is the delicious cheese made into many varieties. But the city has far more in store, the home escape vacation rentals are such bliss in this city as you can enjoy your holiday here with the comforts of the home.

Some spectacular places to visit in this Tuscan valley

The Duomo Di Pienza: If you cherish the history and architecture, this place is best for you and it is one of the main attractions in this Tuscan village. The attractive tainted glass windows and the minute architectural details make this place worth visiting.

Explore the magical hills of Val d’Orcia: If you want to experience that hilly paradise on earth, Tuscany is a place that will turn your dreams into reality. The mystic hills and the harmony around covered with a realm of cypress trees is something you have always longed for. The country roads and the spiritual landscapes create a heavenly place in this village.

So if you are cheese lover? Do get involved in the cheese festival celebrated every year in the month of September. Pienza is famous for its cheese namely Pecorino that is made from the delicious and aromatic milk of sheeps.

Get romantic in the loving streets of Pienza

The narrow streets with the divine and romantic names are enough to inspire you to come to this beautiful town. So if you are searching for those spectacular views and walking along the old town, Tuscany is the best place you can choose for your holiday.

You must be thinking that where to stay, but no worries as Pienza has something for you in store- the exquisite Pienza vacation rentals is all you need for a perfect couple stay or in case your coming with family it has numerous choices to offer.  The beautiful condos, villas, and hotels have got everything to make your stay peaceful and delightful.

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