Explore the rich history and the Rocky Mountains in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Jan 4 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Explore the rich history and the Rocky Mountains in Cripple Creek, Colorado

A small town with a rich history and overwhelming views, Cripple Creek has lot more to offer you. The great museums and the minute artworks tell stories of the late 1800s when the town was built. You can take a tour of a gold mine or seek your fortune in the gaming halls present in the town. There are some of the best adventures and things to do in this little sweet town.

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Locales to explore

The victor narrow gauge railroad: This narrow gauge railroad takes the passengers on an exotic journey full of adventure. You can see through the gold rush history and the scenic beauty of the stony mountains. It is one of the favorite family attractions in Cripple Creek.

District Museum in Cripple Creek: This museum is known to retain the history of this small town. You can take a self-guided tour and browse through various historic buildings, exhibits of ancient railroads, maps, paintings, a gallery of ancient photography, mineral displays, mining memorabilia and many more.

Cripple Creek information center: This information center is situated inside an antiquated old train car. The train car was built in the year 1887 for the royal people. This car is facilitated with gas-lit lights and wood stoves in the smoking area.  This train car traveled up Highway 67 into the Cripple Creek. Celebrities used to travel from this authentic train car.

Gold bar room: This historic Gold Bar has been conducting many entertaining shows since 1946 and is still a great place for the visitors who love theatre shows.

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