Explore the many marvels of Ixtapa, Mexico

Dec 31 , 2018 by HomeEscape

Explore the many marvels of Ixtapa, Mexico

Earlier a coconut plantation and a mangrove bay, Ixtapa is now famous for its beach water, which serves as the main hub for all the activities. It attracts a lot of visitors every year due to its sunny weather, historical monuments, and many more. Here you will get an idea what to do while you are on a vacation in Ixtapa.

If you are worried about staying, you can check the top villas and vacation rental homes that offer all the amenities to give you the best experience ever.

Top attractions in Ixtapa

Visit the home of dolphins-Definiti, if you are on a vacation with your family, then Definiti should be on the top of the list. Children and adults both can enjoy with the dolphins and can bring their inner child out. Here you can enjoy numerous dolphin programs such as swimming, dolphin therapy, and many more. It’s a complete package of entertainment.

Visit to the Mayan civilization: You can visit the Mayan civilization which gives a glimpse of mighty monuments and structures dating 3000 years ago. The pyramid called Soledad de Marciel is the main attraction here. Other than this you can also explore other items present here such as pots, vases, axes, and many more.

Visit the downtown Ixtapa: The town of Ixtapa is carefully developed by the first-class architects Enrique and Agustin. So go and explore the excellent urban planning of this beautiful resort town. You can see well-defined streets here categorized into specific blocks, go for shopping or enjoy dining in some of the exotic places situated in the area.

The Ixtapa Nautica golf club:  As it has got great sea views and eternal sunshine, golf is a popular activity for business travelers and tourists. It is considered as a luxury travel adventure mostly visited by the tourists every year on large scale.

The other attractions include Snorkeling at Isla, fun at Las Gatas Beach, Win club Casino and many more.

Relaxing stay in topnotch vacation rentals:

Renting a private house is a great idea if you want that tranquility and peace away from those busy resort restaurants. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo vacation rentals give a lifetime experience to their guests. These vacation rentals include three bedrooms along with living room, kitchen and washrooms thus making your stay relaxing and delightful. You can cook your own food and the best thing is that it’s just five minutes away from the beach, so you can enjoy the sunny beach waters anytime you want. The shops and restaurants are also located near to the vacation home. So you can get the best of experience here during your vacation.