Dispelling Myths About Vacation Rentals

Mar 14 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Dispelling Myths About Vacation Rentals

Travelers prefer booking vacation rentals than hotels, due to added amenities and home-like experience. There are a number of Bittner vacation rentals all over the world, great accessibility in the remote areas is the reason for rising popularity. But there are few myths related to vacation rentals, which are in the mind of vacationers.

Here are the top things about vacation rentals which travelers do not know.

Daily Maid Service

Most rental owners provide guests with clean room to ensure that the guest has a wonderful experience on the stay, and offer daily maid services to keep the rental clean and tidy. Dirty rentals often get bad homeescape reviews which you can check while exploring various vacation rentals, so while booking make sure that homeowner’s cleanliness and hygiene is top-notch. Some travelers assume that the owners of the vacation rentals don't have housekeepers, and they think that they will end up clearing old ketchup on the dining table left by the last guest, but this is a wrongly spread myth. In fact, vacationers say that the owners put rental in the exact same condition as showed in the pictures, and the entire interior is spotless and neat.


Few travelers say that vacation rentals are not as safe and reliable as the hotels. However, this is a misconception as security guards are deployed at the entry and are not at all dangerous, as they have been built to make the travelers stay enjoyable. Rentals are not at all dangerous and you actually get more amenities in them as compared to hotels. Most of the homeescape vacation rentals are fenced and bounded in gated communities and have properly installed alarm systems in case of an emergency. Renters are given keys to lock the property at night or when they leave to mind their safety.


Some travelers think if they want to have fun at the pool, enjoy the beach, a toy room or video games for the tiny-tots, they have to stay at a hotel to get extra amenities. In fact, vacation rentals provide more amenities at less cost making your vacation more pleasurable. Vacation rentals are basically designed in a way to make the stay more enjoyable and comforting for the traveler. Vacation rentals have various features such as pools, game rooms, private beaches, services, and many more. You can take a late-night dip in your personal heated pool, or entertain yourself by playing in the lawn. Homeowners give you a number of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable, and if there’s specific thing you need, ask them about it and next minute you have it.

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