Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals

Sep 19 , 2018 by HomeEscape

Panama City Beach is a fabulous vacation spot in northwest Florida. There you will find white-sand beaches covering 27 miles on the shore of calm, clear Gulf of Mexico. Beaches here are aptly described as The World's Most Beautiful Beaches. The city is small, with just 12,000 residents as of 2010. Panama City Beach is often referred to under the umbrella Panama City, but in fact Panama City and Panama City Beach are distinct and separate cities.


Panama City Beach is a very popular vacation destination, especially for people from the southern United States. The popularity of Panama City Beach is because of the white sand beaches, its close proximity to most of the southern United States, and comparative proximity as a drive destination for the midwestern US. It has also been a popular spring break destination. For spring break, the MTV show Floribama Shore was set in Panama City Beach, with filming taking place during the summer of 2017.


Aside from beaches, Panama City Beach offers many other attractions. Visit Gulf World Marine Park for daily shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, reptiles, and tropical birds. Take a boat to Shell Island, an uninhabited nature preserve that covers seven miles of coastline between the waters of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The island is pristine, and the waters nearby house a large concentration of wild bottle-nose. Snorkel at any beach close by, and wonder at the visible plant life and sea life. For the adults, visit Palm City Beach Winery across the street from the beach. Sample one of the many real fruit wines they offer. To learn more about attractions at Palm City Beach, visit Things to Do in Panama City Beach‎ on the Internet.


If you are traveling to Panama City Beach Florida for vacation, you should explore Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals. Of course, there are hotels, ranging in price from $27 per night in close-by Panama City to $489 per night on the beach at Panama City Beach. Beach-side hotels are the most expensive. For a beach-side hotel, expect to spend at least $100 per night. Deals are offered on the well-known travel deal websites.


An alternative to a hotel is one of many Panama City Beach vaction rentals, meaning typically to rent a private home for a vacation stay. Rent an apartment for as little as $50 per night, or rent a beach-side condominium for as little as $89 per night. An apartment might sleep only two adults and maybe one child, whereas a condominium might sleep six adults and four children. Either way, with a private home you will have the place all to yourself, and might have use of a kitchen, patio, game room, and swimming pool. Rent your vacation home from a local host. There choose property type, including bungalow, cottage, town home, and home, with balcony, big screen TV, kitchen, and even washer and dryer. Find the address of the property and price clearly displayed.


However, you choose to visit Panama City Beach, you will no doubt have a fabulous and memorable trip. Investigate a bit in advance to find optimal accommodations, filtering your search for price, availability, and features. Also search the Internet for things to do there, and you will find attractions for visitors of any age and any interest.

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