Plan for your post-quarantine vacation!

Apr 15 , 2020 by HomeEscape

Plan for your post-quarantine vacation!

Despite the unprecedented lockdown on travel and daily life, it is evident that travel and vacations are high on everyone's priority list when this outbreak ends. Which is why now is a great time to look for vacation rental deals. Although we are in limbo as to when we will be allowed to travel, it is still a good idea to start looking at various destinations and start comparing them. 

Most of the time, owners are clear about what amenities their property offers. However, before the significant investment of a vacation is made, it's good to be absolutely clear about what services and amenities travelers will have on their trip.

HomeEscape offers some of the best deals, to begin with, as we offer much lower fees and added convenience when making reservations, as compared to other travel websites. Besides comparing travel destinations, Here are questions we recommend asking a vacation rental owner:

1. What is the cancellation policy and where can I read it?

Any vacation can be affected by a sudden and unexpected circumstance, such as a death in the family, a weather event, illness or work demands. The cancellation policy defines what the terms are should it be necessary to cancel the vacation rental reservation. 

2. What supplies are not included in the vacation rental?

Most often, rentals will have most everything one would need for a vacation. However, sometimes when traveling with larger parties, simple extras like rolls of toilet paper can be in short supply. To make the best out of a vacation, it is always wise to pack an emergency supply of toiletries and other sundries.

3. What is the exact address of the property?

Although this may be obvious to most, sometimes vacation rentals are part of a larger development with similar-looking properties located next to the rental or nearby. Although directions are the obvious reason why the address is important, another significant issue is the surroundings. Is the property actually next to the beach as advertised? Or is it one mile from the beach and next to a noisy commuter train? Having the address beforehand allows savvy renters to explore the neighborhood before making a commitment. 

4. Does the property get adequate cellular reception?

For anyone trying to get away from calls and messages, this question may not make sense. However, if there is a medical emergency during the vacation, then cell service is extremely important. If cell coverage is not very good, make sure to ask if there is a landline or decent internet connection. 

5. What is the overall price of the rental?

Often vacation rentals have more fees beyond the price of the rental. These fees include (but are not limited to) cleaning fees, security deposits or possibly even maintenance fees. Make sure to know the timeline of fees and deposits, and when they will be returned before signing the rental contract.  

About HomeEscape: HomeEscape is a vacation rental website that connects homeowners and property managers with travelers who seek the space, value, and amenities of vacation rental homes as an alternative to hotels. With detailed property descriptions, photos and list of amenities and nearby attractions, HomeEscape makes it easy to find and compare properties all over the world, including these popular vacation rental destinations: Panama City Beach, FloridaMoultonborough, New HampshireGulf Shores, Alabama; and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


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