How Vacation Rentals Can Save You 26% On Your Next Vacation

Oct 24 , 2019 by HomeEscape

How Vacation Rentals Can Save You 26% On Your Next Vacation

Did you know that 26% of travel costs are associated with lodging? Did you know that this statistic is for average hotels with none of the amenities of a desirable resort? That means that all of the fun perks of vacation (like pools, meals, and activities for the kids) are going to cost extra, and in some cases, a lot extra. 

Now of course when you stay at a vacation rental, you are also spending money. But the return on that spend tends to be much greater. The average vacation rental is much larger than a hotel room. In fact, it tends to be anywhere from 500 - 2000 sq. ft. greater, a significant increase when traveling with a family. 

Not only do you get more space with a vacation rental, but you also don't have to share your amenities with anyone. Which means that your pool is for you and your family's exclusive use. Another benefit of a vacation rental is that you have so much more privacy. In a hotel, the only area designated for your personal use is your hotel room. In a vacation rental, you enjoy the entire property. Your kids can play outside, and you and your spouse can relax inside not having to worry about supervising everyone. 

HomeEscape offers some of the best vacation rentals available because you do not have to pay the outrageous fees and deal with cumbersome restrictions that most platforms force upon you. In fact, you can speak directly to vacation rental owners on HomeEscape, as we do not monitor or restrict communication. 

Autumn is a great time to book a vacation rental for the upcoming year, as there is a lot of availability. Check out our options by searching for your favorite travel destination, who knows, you may even save 26% on your next reservation!


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