Popular Family Vacation Destinations

Oct 16 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Popular Family Vacation Destinations

Whether you are planning a multi-week adventure or a quick family getaway, vacation rentals are the best options for family groups, it is good to consider these destinations that are easy to prepare for – and budget!



South Florida

The preferred location of many snowbirds, South Florida offers plenty of activities for a family vacation. Enjoy the benefits of staying at a beach house. Whether you’re a certified sun worshipper – or your kids just want a getaway from the harsh winter, break away from the rat race and celebrate relaxation.

South Florida Rentals



They don’t call it vacation land for nothing. Maine is renowned for its remote beauty and endless outdoor activities. Whether you love lobster or pine trees (not the mosquitoes), Maine has plenty of both in spades. Bring the kids along for memorable cook-outs, or in the winter; great skiing.

Maine Rentals



From popular ballads, to famous celebrities; California is world-famous. This is good news for your vacation, as there are nearly endless opportunities to explore. Does your family like nature? Visit the California redwoods. Do you seek more adventure? Choose Los Angeles. Wherever you decide – it will be a trip to remember.

California Rentals



Don’t have anything planned for Holiday Break? Get in the Aloha spirit and sing Mele Kalikimaka with a Hawaiian Lei. Hawaii is as diverse as the many islands that populate it. Where else can you snorkel in the morning, and watch a lava flow in the afternoon? Check out the Waimea Rain Forest in Kauai or the Pineapple Maze in Oahu.

Hawaii Rentals



Are your kids both really energetic and into grizzly bears? If so, then you’re in luck: Alaska is known for its salmon-hungry bear population and unusually long days (during the summer). That aside, enjoy beautiful landscapes and vast open spaces in this glorious frontier.

Alaska Rentals

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