Book Your Summer Vacation Now, and Save Money by Avoiding Hotels

May 20 , 2020 by HomeEscape

Book Your Summer Vacation Now, and Save Money by Avoiding Hotels

"Now is the time to book your perfect summer getaway," remarked Avi Vaknin, CEO, and founder of HomeEscape. "After Memorial Day Weekend, families tend to focus on their next big vacation - and that always tends to be the summer period."

Vacation rentals have soared in popularity in recent years, challenging the dominance of hotels. Increasingly, travelers favor the amenities that vacation home rentals provide. "Why stay in a cramped hotel room and pay expensive resort fees to use a hotel's amenities?" Vaknin questions. "Not only are you not charged extra for services, but vacation home rentals also give you a lot more space to enjoy your family and your vacation."

The benefits of choosing a vacation rental over a hotel room are numerous. Vacation rentals and beach house rentals are priced on average 50 to 80 percent less per square foot than the average hotel room. Other savings include not eating out for every meal of a traveler's vacation (by using the kitchen for preparing and enjoying meals.)

Many attractions and places of interest offer discounts for advance booking or ordering tickets online ahead of time. Travelers can save money on good deals by planning their vacation time ahead, another advantage to booking early.

"HomeEscape has one of the best selections of vacation rentals available - so start planning your summer vacation now when the greatest selection of homes is available," said Vaknin. "If you wait until the last minute, you'll have to make do with what's left versus choosing exactly what you want."

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