Everything you wanted to know about our quote system

Our quote system is one of the most advanced and sophisticated programs we have, and we designed it specifically for you. When a traveler is creating a reservation request, we send an alert and create an entry in your calendar; that entry will be attached to the specific quote that was generated for that reservation.

Here are some features of our quote system:

  • You can edit the original quote requested by the traveler to include a discount or added fees. Once that happens, there will be an additional quote line added in the same reservation page. We keep records of the original quote created, and the most recently updated quote will be placed above the original one. This way, you will have a record of the original quote.
  • The ‘Add a Custom Fee’ button was designed to make it easy for you to add an additional fee or apply a discount. To add a fee, simply type the name of the fee and the amount. To add a discount, place a minus sign (“-”) in front of the discount number and it will subtract that amount from the quote (e.g., add ‘-20’ and it will subtract $20 from the quote).
  • For taxes, do not forget to check the indicated box if the fee is taxable. This way, the quote can be calculated more accurately. 

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