All About Listing Analytics
  • Inquiries to Bookings Graph
    In this graph, we display the ratio between your listings’ total inquiries received per month and your paid bookings. The ORANGE graph will show the total requests that you have received from potential renters, the RED graph will show the number of confirmed reservations out of the total requests, and the GREEN graph will show the total amount of paid reservations of the confirmed requests. This data will help you analyze the performance of your property in our search results.
  • Gross Revenue Graph
    This data will show you the total amounts that have been collected by us for bookings as well as any sales or lodging taxes that have been collected. You can use this data for tax filing purposes.
  • Property Traffic Graph
    This graph is very important for analyzing your property’s performance. You can view the total potential renters who viewed your property on our search results and how many of them clicked on your property within 3-, 6- and 12-month periods. This analysis can help you identify any issues with your nightly rates or your property images.
    The first impression your potential renters receive of your property is your rates and images. If the gap between search visibility and clicks is high, it may mean that your price is too high or that your images are not very welcoming.
  • Organic Performance Graph
    We provide every owner with a full analysis of their property completion percentage and their organic placement on our search results. We recommend that you optimize your property so that you can enjoy maximum search exposure. The better your property looks, the higher the search placement it will receive.

Export to PDF
At any point, you can choose to click on the “PDF” icon near the top of the page to export your listing’s analytics page as a PDF file. This will download the current analytics reports and save it as a PDF file.

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