No commission or processing fees!

One of the greatest things about HomeEscape is that there are no processing or service fees. As a traveler, you can enjoy an easy-to-use platform that offers a full online booking process with absolutely no fees.

When an owner enables their HomeEscape payment account, they can be confident in knowing that HomeEscape will not charge any fees to either owners or to travelers.

Travelers benefit from zero processing and commission fees by saving money. Why waste money paying for your reservation when you can save that money and splurge on your vacation? Saving on fees means that you can take your spouse out to a fancy dinner, or treat your kids to an extra activity. HomeEscape’s goal is to make vacations accessible and affordable to everyone – and the first way we do that is by removing unnecessary fees from our reservation platform. Once you book with us, you will never want to pay extra fees for a vacation rental again.

For the security of our travelers and owners, we require all travelers to create an account first in order to pay for a reservation. Click here to create a traveler account.

Click here if you are an owner and want to know more about our fees for owners.

So sit back, relax and submit requests until you complete your desired reservation.

HomeEscapeā„¢ is poised for rapid expansion. We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming months, so check back often,
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