Verification process by our security team

We are proud to say that our verification team has high-security standards. This is designed to protect HomeEscape users from fraudulent activities. Despite all the benefits of the vacation home industry, it is well known for having security vulnerabilities; which is why our team has very aggressive standards for property verification. You can see the full steps below.

Preliminary Verification:

  • HomeEscape verifies name, phone number, email address, and all other personal information as provided through account registration.
  • A HomeEscape representative will call to verify homeownership.
  • HomeEscape will review all other account information available in public domain (e.g., social media profiles, personal or company websites, or other vacation rental sites where applicable).
  • Verification of homeownership by public records; authentication of property management companies (where applicable); and address verification through Google Maps and/or Google Street View.
  • In some instances, HomeEscape may require submission of utility bills to verify accounts and/or vacation rental properties. 

Advanced Verification:

  • HomeEscape will require the submission of a government-issued photo ID, along with a selfie that matches your ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license, national ID, or visa).
  • HomeEscape will send a ‘Verification Postcard’ to certain properties, and owners or property managers will be required to verify the security pin on the postcard to a HomeEscape representative.

Our verification process exists for your peace of mind. These steps are utilized at our discretion, and not all measures may be applicable in a particular situation. 

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