What is our revenue model / How is it free?

HomeEscape will generate revenue by adding a premium listing option onsite: the "Search Results Placement (‘SRP’)". However, this is an optional feature - there will be no requirement to purchase.

Furthermore, HomeEscape does not plan on requiring an annual fee. Users will have the option to pay for "SRP", but they will not have any other booking or listing charges.

Does HomeEscape have online payment processing?

Yes, HomeEscape offers online payment processing without any processing or booking fees.

Is HomeEscape affiliated with any other companies?

No. HomeEscape is completely independent from other Online Travel Agencies (“OTAs”), and is privately owned and incorporated.

What is the marketing plan for HomeEscape?

HomeEscape is undertaking a comprehensive and sophisticated marketing campaign that will include: paid and organic search advertisement, social media, and search engine optimization (“SEO”).

Will it always be free to list and book my property?

Yes, HomeEscape is free to list and book, now and in the future.

HomeEscape is not loading... why?

Make sure your browser is compatible. Recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari work best.

How do I contact HomeEscape?

1. For travelers and guests:

For the majority of cases, the owner/manager of the property you’d like to book, or have already booked, will be able to answer your question. You can contact them through their listing.

2. For owners and managers:

Sign in to your account for help managing your properties and bookings.
If you need more help you can contact us here.
Our phone and email support hours are: Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM EST.

How do I find out more information about the property?

If you have specific questions about a property or the details of your vacation – such as check-in times – you’ll need to contact the property owner/manager directly.

HomeEscape™ is poised for rapid expansion. We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming months, so check back often,
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