Vacation Rentals for your Bachelorette Party

Jun 18 , 2015 by HomeEscape

Vacation Rentals for your Bachelorette Party

For those brides-to-be that want to eschew the Vegas Strip or Miami nightlife, there are many options when it comes to bachelorette weekend planning. One of the best options for staying in budget but still having a blast is to rent a house. Here are a few tips for making your bachelorette one to remember:

Scrimp on price but not on digs.

It’s no secret that destination bachelorette parties can make your credit card bill skyrocket, not to mention the other costs that goes into a wedding. Renting a vacation home is a great way to enjoy luxury and convenience without paying an arm and a leg. Not to mention, having a full kitchen at your disposal is an easy way to reduce your eating budget. 

Have a place to relax.

Having constant activity can be stressful and can subtract from the reason of having everyone together in the first place, which is to enjoy each other’s company. Having the luxury to wade in a pool or barbeque in the backyard can give you and your friend’s time to commiserate and prepare for your upcoming milestone – your wedding.  

Research unique travel destinations.

Creating a bachelorette weekend around relaxation and bonding time is a great choice for brides who don’t have clubbing as part of their definition of fun. Home Escape is a great resource for finding your out-of-the-way home. Whether you want to explore the wine vineyards in Napa Valley, or enjoy a sailing trip off of Martha’s Vineyard, having a house makes it easier to explore these smaller, more remote destinations. 

HomeEscape is a vacation rental directory that charges no booking fees or listing fees. Check out some of our most popular destinations:

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