Questions You Need To Ask The Owner Of A Vacation Rental

May 3 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Questions You Need To Ask The Owner Of A Vacation Rental

Renting a vacation home rental is not only cost effective but provides you with bigger space and home like feeling. Vacation rentals are homes away from the home. According to respondents of a report, 60 percent of people in the US prefer vacation rentals over hotels. There is no doubt that the vacation rental industry is flourishing at top speed.

Rentals prove to be a great accommodation option for your vacation. Once you choose the destination for your next vacation, starts the task of choosing the best vacation rental which will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Most users browse the sites to compare various vacation rentals; they make rental pictures as their only guideline to select the vacation rental out of many. Most of the time pictures don’t do justice. With so many free photograph filters available a moderate place looks lavish. Pictures don’t tell the whole story.

It is important to go through the reviews before booking any vacation rental. Reviews will give insight into the place and amenities they provide. It is not a surprise that 92 percent of travelers trust the reviews of their friends than a commercial advertisement.

If you are someone who researches a lot before booking a vacation rental then a hundred points to you. But is your research enough to book a vacation rental in a place that you have never been to? The answer is no. So, what can you do to have a hassle-free experience? Contact the owner. If you have any questions regarding booking, place, the owner can answer all your questions.

What are the questions that you must ask the owner before booking a vacation rental?

Ask About The Cancellation Policy

It is important to ask about the cancellation policy beforehand. For example, you have deposited the amount in advance and on the date of your departure there is a hurricane or you fall sick, what will happen to the booking? Will you get a refund? Or all your money will be gone? It is important to ask the question before booking the vacation rental.

Ask About The Neighborhood

You want a vacation in a quiet place and you end up near a club, heartbreaking, isn’t it?

It is always better to ask the owner about the neighborhood and if there is any nuisance at late at night or early in the morning. To enjoy your quality sleep stay away from the rental near a busy road.

Emergency Contact Number

What if there is an electrical problem or suddenly the washer and dryer stop working? Ask about emergency contact number on whom you can rely upon when in need.

Total Fees

Ask about the total fees including taxes, so that it will not be a shock to you when you are handed over extra bills on the last day of your vacation.


Never hesitate to ask questions from the owner of the vacation rental. Asking beforehand will save you from various issues.