Visit Little Switzerland Of North Carolina This Summer

May 29 , 2019 by HomeEscape

Visit Little Switzerland Of North Carolina This Summer

Little Switzerland of North Carolina is far from the Swiss Alps but offers mesmerizing beauty that you will never want to leave the place. Many buildings have Swiss styled architecture. Little Switzerland offers deep valleys and panoramas that will surely take your breath away. You can engage in a number of adventurous activities at little Switzerland, also you will find good food and welcoming people. Book lovers can spend their time at Little Switzerland Books and Beans; it also has an art gallery which features the work of local artists. Accommodation is not an issue; you will easily find little Switzerland vacation rentals.

Things To Do In Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland offers beautiful natural scenery. In terms of activities, the place offers something for all. Let’s see some must-visit places in Little Switzerland

Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls is a waterfall on famous Blue Ridge Parkway. Five major cascades and an array of smaller ones fall a distance of twelve thousand feet. It offers a beautiful stopover for travelers; paved trails are great for the ones who want to experience nature up close. Spectacular views attract tourists and offer a sense of peace.

Grassy Creek Falls

This multi-cascade waterfall is located near Blue Ridge Parkway. Hike lovers will love this two-mile round-trip hike in tranquil settings. You can also find cafes and shops on the other side of the Parkway.

Museum Of North Carolina Minerals

The museum houses a special collection of various rocks and minerals. It is a small museum and you will surely enjoy paying a visit to the museum. The museum is open year round.

Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine

Find gemstones in Little Switzerland in an adventurous manner and experience joy and excitement. The kind staff explains you about the gemstone that you have found and you can keep the gems you find at Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine. It is a family-friendly tourist spot; bring your kids along to have lots of fun.

Little Switzerland Tunnel

Little Switzerland Tunnel is a short tunnel which offers rappelling, rock climbing, tubing and much more. The beautiful scenery will soothe your eyes and mind.

Emerald Village

Emerald Village offers you real gem mines; this kid-friendly place has many gift shops which you will love. You can find different sorts of old stuff at Emerald village. This place also has a museum which tells you about mining history.

Little Switzerland of North Carolina is a perfect place to visit this summer. Vacation rentals homes are easier to find and provide a convenient and comfortable stay.

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